Corporate Investigations

Our many experienced surveillance operatives and factual investigators have the appropriate state investigation licenses and extensive experience in the full gambit of investigations. Many are qualified to the level of Certificate IV in Government Fraud Control Investigation.

One of the major financial burdens that employers have to deal with is internal theft, either by employees or contractors. The cost is invariably passed on to the consumer:

  • Undercover operatives can be engaged to identify suspects and methods of operation. Once identified, theft at the worksite can be filmed as potential evidence.
  • Substance abuse can be identified.
  • Unsafe work practices of staff can be identified.
  • Employees suspected of fraud outside the workplace can be discreetly observed and followed to establish their illicit or dishonest activities. Evidence can be obtained to either aid in prosecution or to head off unfair dismissal claims.
  • Fraudulent workers compensation claims can be exposed and when word gets out on the grapevine that the department is pro-active in this area, fewer claims are the positive outcome.

We believe that we can provide a cost effective, quality service to help our clients detect and prevent the various forms of fraud that occur. Enlisting our services, allows our clients to concentrate on their core business.

All enquiries are kept in the strictest confidence. Our investigators and staff are bound to secrecy by our service agreements.