Insurance Services

Desktop Investigations

Desktop Investigations are a useful tool at minimal expense which can reveal a person's interests, activities and dealings through their online presence. A desktop is often a very good first investigative step which can reveal target information for surveillance or factual investigations. Searches conducted include:

  • Social Media Facebook / LinkedIn / Instagram / Snapchat / Twitter / YouTube / Flickr
  • Google can reveal articles published relating to a person such as newsworthy interests & activities and court cases
  • Local media outlet searches
  • ASIC for business searches such as registered business names / Directorships etc
  • Local clubs for sporting activities
  • Trading sites - such as EBAY, Trading Post & Gumtree
  • Property Ownership RP DATA searches often include aerial photos with visual info
  • Google Earth & Maps can further reveal property detail & sometimes indicate vehicles

Factual Investigations

Upon receipt of instructions, we contact the client to discuss the matter and clarify instructions if necessary. The file is then allocated to the best suited investigator. We promptly contact the relevant parties, identify ourselves and our purpose and arrange suitable times for interviews.

During preliminary telephone contact with the various parties, we try to establish each individual's role in the matter and the general information they have to offer. Detailed notes are taken and in many cases statements can be partially prepared in advance so that the time taken at interview is minimised. We gather all available relevant information to enable our clients to make an informed decision on liability. We liaise with the client after each interview and can forward each statement or record of interview as they are obtained if required.

We engage male and female investigators. Female Claimants are often more comfortable with female investigators, particularly if the matter is of a sensitive nature.

Depending on the circumstances or clients preference, interviews are recorded by either narrative statement which is dated, signed and witnessed once the interviewee has read and agreed with its content, or record of interview which are digitally recorded in a question and answer format. The recorded interview is then transcribed. Digital audio files are retained as the primary evidence.

Factual investigations are conducted thoroughly but cost effectively and interviews are grouped wherever possible, to reduce costs. Our reports are concise and designed to be an easy read of the facts with a concise summary, and a brief review of the information interviewees had to contribute. We do not state opinion in reports.

GCI has training programs in place for investigators to continuously refine and improve techniques and standards. Adherence to company standards is monitored and managed. GCI manuals provide guidelines, strategies, advice and company policy.


Our surveillance operatives are all experienced and proven over many years of service with our firm. They know our expectations of logical utilization of hours, regular updates to the office and high quality camera work.

A training and instruction manual is issued to all operatives and they must sign off on our "Contract for Services" which includes our required standards and code of conduct. We keep a log of investigator's licenses to ensure they are current and monitor the standard of surveillance equipment that they use.

Investigators must liaise with our office throughout the surveillance cycle to ensure their strategy is sound. In many cases, the operatives liaise directly with clients so that clients get the most accurate updates. Our surveillance investigators use a wide range of vehicles including sedans, four-wheel drives, vans, dual cab utes and motorcycles.

We use a wide range of Surveillance Video Technology

  • Dash cam for pursuit video
  • Micro "covert" cameras including "keyring cameras" for close quarter surveillance
  • Full HD Panasonic Camcorders featuring "Optical Steady-shot" for distant camera work
  • Full HD Video Sunglasses with interchangeable lenses so they can be worn indoors or out.